Pullman Community Council on Aging
A Legacy of Caring Since 1973

PCCoA Members - Past & Present

We acknowledge with deep appreciation the community members who currently serve as members of the Pullman Community Council on Aging, as well as those who have served in the past.

Their tireless efforts through the last 40 years have made a difference in the quality of life of Pullman’s seniors.

     Founding Board of Directors (1973) 

  Leo K. Bustad, representing WSU

  Mary Carey, nursing home director

  Margaret F. Combes (served 20+ years)

  Oscar F. Gladish, former mayor

  Howard D. Kimball (served 20+ years)

  Stella L. Reif, representing the Senior Center

  Father James M. Ribble, representing ministerial association

  Bob Smawley (served 20+ years), and his wife Carol (served 30+ years)

  A. A. Smick, aging specialist and community program developer

  and the bedrock founder, Rita Swindal, who served for 40 years.

         Current Council Members       

 ( * = Board Member)

  Steve Bell* (Pullman Sr Center)

  Francis Benjamin*

  Laurie Brown* (Bishop)

  Melanie Brown* (WSU CCE)

  Judy Cornish* (DAWN)

  Scott Hallett*

  Tricia Grantham*

  Annie Pillers* (F of Hospice)

  Roberta Rutherford (Rural Resources)

  Maureen Schmitter-Edgecombe and WSU Aging & Dementia Lab

  Tarrin Weber* (Avalon)

  Regency - Pullman Sr Living

  Gary Young (Hill-Ray Plaza)

  Kindred at Home

Others who have served on PCCoA

Avalon Care Center Representative

Nancy Backes since 1997

Wilmer Baer

Daniel Barnes (WSU)

Kate Barnes

Bill Barrett

Steve Bell (Sr Ctr) since 2008

Francis Benjamin since 2016

June Bierbower

Bishop Place Representative

Ralph Bowman 2007 - 2017

Janice Brobst

Melanie Brown (WSU) since 1996

Circles of Caring ADS representative

Beth Cofer

Al Cole

Judy Cornish (DAWN) since 2015

Council on Aging & Human Services representative

Brent deArmond

Kathy Emtman

Jane Ericson

Pat Farrell

Dean Fletcher

Georgia Friis

Jim Fry

Elizabeth Gabe

Jan Gants

Pat Gearhiser

Tricia Grantham

Scott Hallett since 2000

Jim Johnson

Philip Keene

Kindred at Home & Hospice representative

Laura King

Frank Kottke

Krista Kramer (DAC)

Tom Kuntz

Eleanor Larsen

Marilyn Lilly

Gordon Lindeen

Oscar Loreen

Agnes McQuarrie

Alice Martin

Jane Michaelson

Tom Newhof

Kelly Olsen

Pauli Owens

Don Pelton

Annie Pillers   since 2014

Pioneer Square Representative

Penny Reisenauer

Pullman Senior Center Director

Troy Robey (WSU)

Regency-Pullman Sr Living Representative

Roberta Rutherford  since 2006

Rural Resources representative

Ted Saldin

Maureen Schmitter-Edgecombe  since 2013

George Scott

Ray Scott

Harry Sedies

Gordon Sedlacek

Margaret Sherve (WSU)

Frank Street

Rita Sullivan

Rita Swindal

Kristina Umbright (2003 - 2017)

Ward Walker

Barbara Wallace

Harry & Margaret Waller

WSU Center for Civic Engagment Representative

Gary Young (Hill-Ray)    since 2015